What does the Dutch word 'tute' mean?

Geert Tutelere

The oldest charter in which our family name appears dates back to 20 october 1394. Geert Tutelere is named herein as predial (in Dutch 'laat') of the court of Sint-Bartolomeus in Gingelom (Belgium).

At this date Geert does not have a weapon but later on in 1410 and in 1432 he uses a seal consisting of three triangels and a line running over it. He symbolises with this speaking weapon the fact that his name does contain a `tute', a Dutch word used in the middle ages for point.

In my Dutch article Betekenis en verbasteringen van de familienaam Tuteleers you can find more about the genealogy of our familyname.

Short history of our family name

There are several variants of our name like Tuteleers, Tutelaars, Tutelaers, Tuijtelaers and Titulaer. All these names are derived from the basic form Tuteleers or Tutelere. In the Middle Ages a person that walks was named in Dutch a wandelere. The similar name tutelere can be interpreted as somody who tutelt. The Dutch word tutelen does mean flatter or to commit barter. In the Dutch article Betekenis en verbasteringen van de familienaam Tuteleers you can read more about this matter.

In his genealogy Het Geslacht Tuteleers Fernand Tutelaars (Dilbeek, 1974) shows that our both names are derived from Johannes Franciscus Tuteleers, born in 1787 at Hoeleden (B). This name is bastered after his marriage in 1820 at Luyksgestel to Tutelaers. The children of his son Bernard will get in Bergeijk, neighbouring village from Luyksgestel, the Dutch name Tutelaars.

After 1500 our name does appear in Wallonian cities as Liège (Willekin Tutelaer, 1528), Hoei (Willequin Tutelaire, 1592) and Namen (Jean Tutelaire in 1606, Willekin Tuteleers in 1615). The names ending upon -aire from Liège, Hoei and Namen are without any doubt French versions of the name Tutelere. After 1562 our name is not longer found in French speaking places.

The study from Jan Titulaer Genealogie van het geslacht Titulaer (Venlo, 1985) shows that his name is a variation of the Wallonian name Tutelaire. Franciscus Wilhelmus Tutelaire from Liège settles down in 1660 as a boatman at Venlo where he becomes the ancestor of a big family living in The Netherlands .