This website is developed as a result of my collaboration with and his nice distribution maps ('Nachweiskarten') for Germany. As an extra challenge I have tried to combine the distribution data that is available for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

The data for the Netherlands is derived from the Catalogus van de Nederlandse Spinnen (Araneae) (P.J. van Helsdingen 1999) and all publications that have been appeared in the SPINED Nieuwsbrief since the publication of this catalogue. Doubtfull species and species not belonging to our native fauna have been omitted. The data for Belgium is derived from the Nieuwsbrief van de Belgische Arachnologische Vereniging (from 2003 onwards). The finds of Luxemburg are added with the kind help of Marc Meyer (Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle Luxembourg) and Aloys Staudt.

The nice maps of the Netherlands and the Benelux are created by Aloys from ARC-INFO data available in the Pennsylvania State University Libraries ( and In 2005 he has created four new maps based upon the WGS84 projection with MapCreator.

The first dummy species Reference points is added to show some well-known borderpoints in order to test the accuracy of the used maps.

Please report any errors. Missing publications for the Benelux will be gladly added if you send me a copy per email or by post.

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February 2006