Change Log

2010.02.01 Updates from spinnencatalogus
Missing finds and publications added from the online version of the Spinnencatalogus.
2010.01.18 Oldest publication gets priority over citations
When a datapoint was cited in another publication the original datapoint was overruled by this later publication giving a false impression. Now the oldest publication gets priority over later citations.
2010.01.18 New labels for datapoints
To mention the collector or observer of a find (leg) and the person who has checked the determination (det) the presentation of the label for datapoints is changed into
year, place /leg/ (det) [authors]
By putting unique marks around each of these field they can be easily recognized. The presentation before this change was year, place, authors. Unpublished finds do not have the [authors] field.
2010.01.18 Taxonomical changes
A number of species have been tranfered to another genus (See Nieuwsbrief SPINED 26 pp. 16 and 27 pp. 31).
2010.01.18 Dutch articles from 2009 added to database
- Nieuwbrief SPINED 26 and 27.
- Nieuwsbrief European Invertabrate Survey Nederland (februari 2009).
- Inventarisatie Ongewerveldenfauna Witte Loop.

2010.01.18 Added this change log
In order to inform you about (important) changes.
2018.08.29 Adopted to php version 7.