Nature study in The Nederlands

The 'Koninklijke Nederlandse Natuurhistorische Vereniging' is a society for people who want to study nature as a leisure activity. The KNNV is organized in regional divisions each with their own local programs. The division of Eindhoven does have different working groups specialised on topics like mosses, birds, plants and insects.

Our insect working group does exist since 1974 and many of our members are also member of the 'Nederlandse Entomologische Vereniging'. The Netherlands Entomological Society does own an extensive library specialised on entomology.

My speciality are the real spiders (Araneae). My wife does like to help me with the catching of these eight-footed animals. The determination and publication here about in SPINED, a yearly appearing newsletter of the spider working group of EIS of The Netherlands, is my share of our common hobby.

I have made available distribution maps for the spiders occuring in the Benelux with the latest data from SPINED and the newsletter from ARABEL since 2003. The finds of Luxemburg are made available by Marc Meyer of the Musée National d'Histoire Naturelle Luxembourg and Aloys Staudt (Germany).